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Baltimore Light Race

210 Fleet Around Baltimore Light Race – November 9

1. Osprey II – Murray Leigh
2. Longtail – Courtenay Jenkins
3. Pintail – Jeff Oak
4. Egret – Mark Collins


Goose – The Sea Cups
No Name – Jim Farr
Double Eagle – John Clinnin

2014 One Design Invitational

Tom Price won the first Gibson Island One Design Invitational with three first place finishes sailing Egret, one of the oldest boats in the fleet. Sandy Yellott of Nantucket Yacht Club was second, and Courtenay Jenkins was third. Tom Lemaire of Sail Newport was fourth.

Fine weather and moderate wind on Saturday enabled the race committee to get off four races. One race was run on Sunday. Heavy winds on the Magothy River prevented a second race.

2014 One Design Invitational Results

Winner Tom Price’s Tuning Tips

“Messing Around in Boats”

One Design Racing at Gibson Island

“Messing around in boats for 90 years”

By Tom Price with Photographs Collected by John Sherwood

They say History repeats itself and in looking back at Gibson Island’s 90 year saga of One Design racing, it’s clear that there has been phenomenal (some might say pathological) desire for racing similar, if not identical yachts within our Squadron, between members and even between other Bay clubs. Read more