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2016 Cruise Activities

May 28 – 30 Spring Cruise
 June 25 – July 4 Summer Cruise
 July 16 – 17 Mini Cruise
 August 13 – 14 Mini Cruise
 September 17 – 18 Mini Cruise
 October 8 – 10 Fall Cruise

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Cruise Committee

Chair: Bob Brudno

George Boggs 202-420-2203
Walter Mitchell 410-828-9371
Bob Brudno 202-253-2736

First Time Cruisers Welcome!

While there is definitely a group of regulars on these cruises, we wholeheartedly welcome more boaters to join us.  Each year,
first-timers who cruise with us always come away happy they did.  Family-friendly and a guaranteed good time!  Bring the kids, dogs, friends and – always – prospective new Club members.  Whether you have a big or small sailboat or a powerboat of any kind, please consider joining us this season.

Updates to our 2016 cruise schedule can be found throughout the season in the Weekly Email Blast, monthly newsletters and on the GIYS website

If you have any questions about our cruises and how it all works, we encourage you to call any one of the following Cruise Committee members: